• How to choose a proper inflatable for Christmas?

    Inflatable decors are popular everywhere in holiday seasons. These colorful, cute, whimsical and very festive yard decor items are one of the latest trends in holiday yard decor. While the original inflatable decorations started out primarily as Christmas decorations, now you can find inflatables...
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  • Christmas Decoration Tip: How to Keep Inflatables from Blowing Away?

    Outdoor Christmas inflatables are widely used to create a spectacular look outside your home during the holidays. Don’t let a few strong winds blow them away. Properly protecting your inflatable decorations gives you the peace of mind knowing that your investment will not be damaged by seve...
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  • How much electricity does your inflatable take?

    Create a festive welcoming look in your home with beautiful Christmas inflatables is very common during holiday season. You may want to know how much electricity does your inflatable consume, and how much is the cost of placing Christmas inflatables in your garden. Here are some facts you need t...
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