Christmas Decoration Tip: How to Keep Inflatables from Blowing Away?

Outdoor Christmas inflatables are widely used to create a spectacular look outside your home during the holidays. Don’t let a few strong winds blow them away. Properly protecting your inflatable decorations gives you the peace of mind knowing that your investment will not be damaged by severe weather. Here are some tips to keep these inflatables safe throughout the season.

Choose the right location

You might think that the location of your inflator doesn’t matter. However, if you want to avoid chasing them on a windy day, you may want to consider where to place them. If possible, it’s best to lay them on a flat surface to give them a suitable base. Another note to keep in mind is to avoid leaving them outdoors. Objects placed next to walls or trees tend to experience fewer gusts of wind. Doing both will also make them easier when you start protecting them in the other ways described below.

Tie them with tether rope or twine

Another fairly easy way to protect your inflatables is to use twine. Simply wrap the rope around the mid-height of the inflator and tie the rope to a smooth post surface, such as a fence post or railing. If your decor is not near a fence or front porch, we recommend using stakes and placing them on either side of the inflatable. You now have the objects you need to tie the twine around. When wrapping the rope around the inflator, make sure not to tie it too tightly or damage may result. When you’re attaching the rope to a post or stake, it’s important to do at least one full loop to ensure the safety you want.

Protect inflatables with lawn stakes

An effective way to secure these inflatable decorations in the ground is to use wooden stakes. Most inflatable decorations have a wide base that includes holes for stakes. Take a few small lawn stakes and smash them into the ground as far as possible. If your inflatable doesn’t have an area for these stakes, you can wrap a string around the inflatable. As you do this, wrap the rope around mid-height and tie it to a stake in the ground. Don’t wrap the rope too tightly, and when pulling the rope to the ground, make sure it doesn’t stretch your inflator backwards.

Inflatable decorations are a great way to highlight those amazing Christmas lights, garlands and other decorations. The last thing you want is to see all your hard work go to waste. We hope these tips will help you keep these decorations going all season long. If you’re looking for some new outdoor inflatables, check out our favorites here!

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Post time: Feb-28-2022

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